Mother's Day

Mother's Day invites us to share our deepest love and appreciation with the woman who made our lives possible.
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Military Outreach Stories

A Mother’s Day to Remember

An indignant mother is greeted with a surprise message of love.

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Patti and her son, Noah

The Most Important Job in the World

God's voice helps a haggard young mother make her role a top priority.

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Shawnelle and her mom

A Mother's Grace

I deserved a consequence. A punishment. But Mom met me with grace.

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Power of Prayer

The Power of a Mother’s Prayer

My mother’s prayers shaped me in more ways than I will ever know. 

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Mother and two sons. (Thinkstock)

The Gift of Motherhood

I can’t imagine my life without my sons. How blessed I’ve been to be their mama. 

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6 Little Sayings of Mom's

All the words of wisdom over the years from one mom who thought we probably weren't listening!

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Michelle Medlock Adams with her daughters Abby (left) and Ally (right).

They Will Call You Blessed

That magical moment when your teen girls realize what a wonderful mom you are!

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Mom's Best Advice

To celebrate Mother's Day, we asked our readers to share with us the best pieces of advice their mothers had ever given them.

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God's Grace

Moms Really Do Know Best

Does God equip parents with a special gift of intuition? 

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Guideposts editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan and his dog, Millie

Why Mom Didn't Really Care About Mother's Day

It was a spiritual act, a practice of humility, a way for my mother to say that even in our humblest choices we can honor God.

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