Mother's Day

Mother's Day invites us to share our deepest love and appreciation with the woman who made our lives possible.
Inspirational Stories blogger Michelle Medlock Adams' daughter Abby as a child
Positive Living

Ask God to Help You Juggle It All

I dropped a ball but my daughter forgave me. So I asked God to help me forgive myself.

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A hand reaches with a tiny blue gift box in the open palm.
Managing Life Changes

Her Mother's Loving Arms

Though she dearly missed her departed mother, an unexpected gift from a friend brought her comfort.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter
God's Grace

Happy Mother's Day from Mysterious Ways!

Our rock. The glue that binds us. How many of us say that about our moms? They’re not just there for their kids, but for the entire family.

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An artist's rendering of an young angel in a birdhouse
Managing Life Changes

When Bluebirds of Happiness Came to Stay

Mother’s Day was bittersweet for her, but new family members lifted her spirits.

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Pesto Pasta Salad

Pesto Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is simple. That’s probably why Mom chose it for my first cooking lesson.

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One of Carolyn's angel figurines

Surrounded by Angels

A worried mom is reassured by her collection of heavenly figurines.

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An older mother surrounded by two daughters

A Mother's Day Tribute

Watch our online celebration: A Tribute to Motherhood and share it with the special moms in your life.

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Elizabeth Barbera clasps a photo of her departed son Jason.
Coping With Grief

Her Faith Was Restored by Mother Goose

A grieving mom is inspired by her interactions with a pair of feathered parents-to-be.

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Faith and Prayer

Ten Prayers for Mother’s Day

How do you express your gratitude for Mom? Here are 10 everyday prayers for all the things Mom does.

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Beautiful pink tulips and a happy mother's day postcard and gift
Emotional and Mental Health

One Last Mother's Day Note

I was worried about Mom missing Gary on Mother's Day.

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