Let scripture be a compass that directs your life toward the spiritual truths your faith proclaims.
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Bible Resources

4 Important Spiritual Lessons from Trees in the Bible

Author Matthew Sleeth shares some of the truths and wisdom trees provide through Scripture.

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Reading the Gospel of Mark
Stories of Faith

5 Unusual Questions Jesus Asked His Followers

How Jesus issued challenges in the Gospel of Mark.

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A smiling young couple smile from the front seat of their car as they depart on a road trip

5 Comforting Bible Verses for Safe Travel

These Scriptures will calm your traveling nerves. 

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4 prayers for Earth Day
How to Pray

4 Prayers for Earth Day

How to celebrate and strive to protect the glory of all God’s creation

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Praying out loud
How to Pray

5 Good Reasons to Pray Aloud (Even When You’re Alone)

Even when no one else is around, words spoken out loud to God are powerful.

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Sparrow in the spring
Prayer Stories

Birds of the Bible

These harbingers of spring also play an important role in Scripture.

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Celebrating women of the Bible
Power of Prayer

Celebrating the Women of the Bible

Women in Scripture who inspire us through acts of courage, love and faith.

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Reading the Bible
How to Pray

Pick a Word a Day During Lent

A different way to deepen your faith in the 40 days leading up to Easter.

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Daily Devotions

His Living Word

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