Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth comes in many forms, and at many speeds. Don't rush your spiritual growth, but invest in it every day.
Positive Thinking

Carm Russell: Spiritual Progress

One of our 3 Guideposts.org readers talks about her spiritual practices and how they are helping her reach her goals.

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Positive Living

Forgiveness Might Still Be Possible in the Digital Age, But How Do We Forget?

How do we forgive and forget in this age when nothing can truly be forgotten?

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Better Living

The Arizona Shooting: At What Point Can We Forgive?

To forgive is not to condone the action. Neither does it mean to forget.

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motivational speaker Jon Gordon
Emotional and Mental Health

The One Resolution You Need to Make

This year I encourage you to take a daily  walk of gratitude.

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Alison Sweeney shares positive thinking tips
Positive Thinking

Be a Better You!

Want to start the New Year off right? The host of The Biggest Loser shares her tips.

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The Shofar (ram's horn) is blown during services on Yom Kippur.
Faith and Prayer

Fasting for Yom Kippur

Lesson learned from the Jewish Day of Atonement

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She gave me hope when I had none

Gram's Faith

A single mom returns to the home she knew as a child, finding hope and strength again.

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tomatoes in a heart-shaped bowl
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: The Bag of Tomatoes

This fruit always reminded me of Dad, but I didn't want any after he passed away.

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A cross against the sky
Daily Devotions

The Coming of Everlasting Joy

A Lenten devotional for Good Friday.

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Karen Barber
Devotions for Women

A Sunday School Lesson

Are all church jobs created equal?

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