Stories of Faith

Stories of faith reveal the rewards God sends to those who believe--and who live their lives by the spiritual values they cherish.
How to comfort friends in need.

5 Ways to Help Friends in Need

Even when you can’t fix someone else’s problem, you can help them cope.

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Text a prayer.
Power of Prayer

Text a Prayer

Let us give thanks for the times when cell phones can connect us to what’s good and godly.

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The power of a prayer that just says "yes" or "no."
Power of Prayer

Pray ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Prayers

A single syllable can offer a powerful way to pray.

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How military families can cope with stress, anxiety and worry.
Military Families

When Life’s Storms Keep Coming

How military families can face stress, anxiety and worry with a little more understanding and peace.

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Comfort from the Psalms
Positive Living

The Unbelievable Comfort of the Psalms

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or running out of patience, these Bible verses will help.

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Advice for times when you're not a faith-filled adult.

How to Handle Frustration

Advice for times when you feel like a spiteful pre-teen, not a faith-filled adult.

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Like a good GPS, God's directions will never throw us off course.
Positive Living

Following God’s Directions

Like a spiritual GPS, His guidance will never steer us off course.

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Actor Henry Winkler
Movies and TV

Guideposts Classics: Henry Winkler on Making the Most of God's Gifts

In this story from March 1985, the Happy Days star reveals how he came to understand that God uses our talents to touch others in ways that we may not always understand.

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Jack Huston starring in the remake of Ben-Hur. Photo: Paramount Pictures.

My Wife Re-Wrote 'Ben-Hur'

A proud husband on the updating of Lew Wallace’s epic novel about Christ

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Being content with today. Finding peace when life gets complicated.
Emotional and Mental Health

Being Content with Today

Navigating life, and finding some peace, when things get painful, confusing or complicated

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