Stories of Hope

During difficult times, stories of hope help sustain and inspire us to never give up.
Sparkle comforts a child in the hospital
Comfort Kits

A Guideposts Comfort Kit Brings Hope to Kaylee

A mother who saw her young daughter through a battle with cancer shares how little things can make a big difference for kids with serious illnesses.

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Joe conducts a preflight check of a Cessna 172.
Living Longer, Living Better

How One Man Found Purpose After Retirement

Joe Morris couldn't wait to retire. But when his post-retirement plans fell through, he floundered. Until he got the chance to fly. 

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Mysterious Ways editor Diana Aydin
God's Grace

Why Me, God? The Mystery of Suffering

Diana Aydin, who has survived brain surgery and was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, asks members of the clergy and writers about the nature of suffering.

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teens from different racial backgrounds gardening together, smiling
People Helping People

At-Risk Teens Grow Hope in Community Garden

Here's how Project L.I.F.T.'s inspiring after school program helps these teens prepare for a better future.

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The American Legion celebrates its 98th anniversary.
Military Outreach Stories

Happy Birthday, American Legion

Chartered by Congress 98 years ago, here are 5 notable accomplishments by a great organization that helps our military veterans.

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No man left behind.
Military Families

No One Left Behind

It’s a phrase that began on the field of combat but now carries meaning for all of us in daily life.

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We are jewels in God's sight. An excerpt from God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box.
Positive Living

Remember: We Are God's Precious Jewels

In God’s sight, we are always worthy and of great value.

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Finding hope in the Bible
Military Families

Turning to the Bible for Hope

When her son is deployed, an anxious military mom reads the book of Psalms and finds solace.

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5 ways to fight negativity
Military Families

5 Tips to Be More Positive

By filling up on the good stuff, there’s less room for the negative.

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Rebekah Gregory with her son, Noah
Stories of Hope

Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing and Its Aftermath

Meet Rebekah Gregory, who overcame the loss of a leg following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

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