The joys of summer are many, from beach or poolside fun to outdoor exploration to backyard barbeques and vacations with loved ones. Soak up summer!
Finding Joy in Dark Times
Devotions for Men

Finding Joy in Dark Times

Pinnacles of joy are only mountains beyond which there are many more mountains...

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How walking in nature can lower stress and promote health

The Aim of Being Aimless

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman discovers a walk does wonders, but only if one wanders.

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How to have an angelic August and summer.
Positive Thinking

Embracing an Angelic August

Thoughts on the peak of summer

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A young girl lounges on a float in a swimming pool

3 Tips for Fun Family Vacations

A little extra thought and planning can make those trips the kind we want to remember.

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How to pray when you're on vacation

Pray on Vacation

For some, vacation is a disruption in their prayer lives; for others it’s an eruption! 

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The sun begins its slow descent on a warm afternoon at the beach
Positive Living

Inspiring Summer Quotes

Be inspired by some of our favorite summer quotes.

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Does God want more for us than we dare dream?
Positive Living

Is Your Dream Big Enough?

“God wants more for us than we often imagine.”

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Special discounts and offers for military families this summer
Military Outreach Stories

Finding Military Discounts and Special Offers

That summer outing or vacation may be within reach if you do a little research. Here are 6 places to start.

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The simple blessings of summer.
Positive Living

The Simple Blessings of Summer

Don't miss out on the many affordable pleasures the season brings.

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Summer delights, including summer pie recipes, from Angels on Earth magazine.

Angel Highlights for July and August

Summer is a season, online and off, of delightful sounds, tastes and sights–as well as comfort

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