Career Change

Praying through a life change
Managing Life Changes

How to Pray Your Way Through a Life Change

God provides a path to wisdom and strength, even in the toughest of transitions. 


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A businessman looking at a stop sign with an angel figure at a forked road.

This Businessman Followed God's Will for His Life

He was afraid to make a career change, until he received a message from above. 

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Rikki and Gerald make a difference together.
Life Advice

6 Tips for Managing Your Money in Tough Times

The former CFO offers money-saving tips to help you through difficult times.

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Money worries
How to Pray

10 Helpful Prayers for Facing Money Problems

Whether it’s a job loss or unpredictable economy, these prayers will help you weather the storm.

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Sneaker shoes and arrows pointing in different directions on asphalt ground.
Devotions for Women

A Prayer for Making Life-Changing Decisions

When you are uncertain about your future, trust Jesus to direct your paths.

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Female hand writing
Life Advice

How to Find Your Sweet Spot in Life

Discovering that unique gift can help you get back on track.

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Moreton Bay Fig Tree in golden sunlight
Work Life

Frustrated at Work? Consider the Fig Tree

A fruit that's mentioned often in the Bible offers a surprising spiritual lesson

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ABC News

Why Good Morning America's Paula Faris Stepped Out in Faith to Launch a New Podcast

God's call led the popular reporter to leave anchoring jobs at Good Morning America: Weekend Edition and The View.

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4 Practical Financial Tips from a Monk Turned Money Manager
Life Advice

4 Practical Financial Tips from a Monk Turned Money Manager

Doug Lynam spent two decades in a monastery before starting his own financial company. 

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Photo credit: Alfonso Bresciani
Movies and TV

How Justin Baldoni Found His Calling and Made the Movie ‘Five Feet Apart'

The Jane the Virgin actor's faith led him to create a movie about cystic fibrosis, hope and love.

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