Whether you or a family member is caring for a spouse, parent or loved one, find support in articles, advice, prayers, and inspirational stories for caregivers.

In the VA hospital waiting room, Mary slowly got to know her grandfather
Family Caregiving

Her Stern Grandfather Turned Out to Be a 'Cool Dude'

She had once feared the ornery veteran, but their relationship transformed after she became his caregiver.

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A family member clasps hands with loved one with dementia
Helpful Activities

Help Someone with Alzheimer’s Recall Memories

Look at old photos together, create a memory box or make a favorite family recipe; these are just few ways to jog their memory and comfort them at the same time. 

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Mary Pembleton
Family Caregiving

Caregiving Brought Her Closer to Her Grandfather

When she was a child, her grandfather was a stern disciplinarian, used to having his way, but when their roles reversed and she became his caregiver, he revealed a softer, loving side.

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An older man undergoes walking physical therapy with guidance.
Resource Center

5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Loved One from Falling

 Alzheimer's and dementia can lead to falls, and potentially serious injuries, but there are ways to keep your loved one safer.

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