Mornings with Jesus contributor Isabella Yosuico
Stories of Hope

A Message of Hope from Isabella Yosuico: Faith in a Pressure Cooker

The Mornings with Jesus contributor shares how she's finding early-morning hours spent in prayer and Bible study is strengthening her faith at a difficult time.

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Daily Guideposts contributor Marilyn Turk
Stories of Hope

A Message of Hope from Marilyn Turk: Set Time Aside for God

The Daily Guideposts contributor shares how she starts each with some quiet spent in contemplation and prayer.

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Growing spiritually in quarantine
Power of Prayer

3 Spiritual Reflections to Help You Find Meaning in Quarantine

Let your faith guide you toward hope even in the midst of isolation.

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A woman in calm reflection outside.
Managing Life Changes

How to Transform Fear into Faith During the Pandemic

Clergy coach and author Rebekah Simon-Peter shares two key ways to keep calm and connected to God.

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Getty Images
Inspiring Stories

5 Inspiring Stories of Communities Coming Together During the Pandemic

How these neighborhoods are supporting and uplifting each other in the midst of physically distancing. 

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Finding comfort and hope
How to Pray

10 Bible Prayers for Comfort and Hope

Whether you're struggling with a national or personal crisis, here is some Scripture that will help.

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Birthday in isolation
Positive Living

How to Have a Positive Birthday in Isolation

Three ways to celebrate your special day while social distancing. 

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How to video conference
Life Advice

How to Be a Good Listener in Virtual Gatherings

Five ways to stay present and connected while physically distancing.

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Oprah, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
People Helping People

How Celebrities Are Giving Back During the Pandemic

These pop stars, athletes and actors are doing their part to contribute to Covid-19 relief efforts. 

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Man smiling while looking down at his phone
Emotional and Mental Health

3 Ways to Use Your Phone for Good During the Pandemic

Here are some tips, hotlines and texting services to help combat isolation caused by the spread of Covid-19.

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