Family members using wooden blocks to form a house.
Financial/Legal Advice

Is Your Loved One’s Home Still the “Right Size”?

Communication is key if you think it’s time for a more manageable living space.

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Two older women in a shopping mall.
Caregiver Stress

When Retail Therapy Is Your Prescription for Stress

Caregiving can lead to emotional spending, but there are ways to manage your impulses.

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Frugal lifestyle
Life Advice

3 Positive Aspects of Living Frugally

Whether your thriftiness is by choice or necessity, watching your spending can help you feel invested in your best life. 

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Money worries
How to Pray

10 Helpful Prayers for Facing Money Problems

Whether it’s a job loss or unpredictable economy, these prayers will help you weather the storm.

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A married couple holding hands

Money Troubles Put Their Once-Happy Marriage at Risk

Could they work through their financial problems and revive their loving relationship?

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A doctor speaking with two elderly patients.
Financial/Legal Advice

3 Tips to Cover Costs of Medical Equipment

Insurance and state programs can help with expenses.

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Calculating costs.
Financial/Legal Advice

Payment Options for Alzheimer’s Care

Public, private and community-based sources can help with your loved one’s costs.

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A couple working together on their credit score.
Advice for Caregivers

Guiding Your Loved One Toward Good Credit

Debt management and a good credit score are vital to an older adult.

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Photo provided by Good Samaritan Society
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6 Tips for Staying Safe Online

Practice Internet safety with your loved one by following these helpful tips.

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Benedictine monk turned money manager Doug Lynam
Life Advice

A Monk-Turned-Money Manager Shares His Best Financial Advice

Doug Lynam, a money manager who was formerly a Benedictine monk, offers financial tips from his unique background and distinct point of view.

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