Living Longer, Living Better

3 Ingredients of a Positive Friendship

Cultivating just a few positive relationships can be a source of joy, support and satisfaction throughout your life.

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Positive Living

6 Ingredients for a True Apology

The Jewish High Holy Days model how authentic, meaningful apologies can transform and renew our relationships and outlook.

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Rick's son, Will, and his bride, Karen

What You Need in a Marriage

A dad offers blessings to his son on his wedding day.

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Lost wallet
God's Grace

How Guideposts Helped Return a Wallet

A mysterious case of lost and found. Or found and lost.

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Praying with friends
Power of Prayer

What Jesus Says About Praying for Others

Don’t underestimate the power of your faith on behalf of friends in need.

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A happy group of senior adults
Living Longer, Living Better

5 Tips to Prevent Loneliness and Find Community as You Age

Judy Ryan, Ph.D., former president and CEO of the Good Samaritan Society, offers advice for leading a well-balanced life in your golden years.

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Friends at the beach

The Enduring Power of Friendship

The care and faith of a group of friends carries a family through a dark and terrible time.

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Pastor Jim Powell (left) and Imam Kamil Mufti
Stories of Hope

A Christian Pastor and a Muslim Imam Find Friendship and Common Ground

When an evangelical church relocates next to a mosque, it provides an opportunity for people of different faiths to build bridges.

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Friends on the beach

The Blessing of Supportive Friends

A writer’s appreciation of all the encouragement she has received during her career.

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Baking cookies

Where the Best Gifts Come From

Baking sweet treats for a friend brings on an appreciation of life’s blessings.

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