Christ in the House of Martha and Mary

The Bible’s Most Famous Friendships

Devoted, supportive friends are among life's greatest blessings. Here are some of the closest spiritual friendships found in the Old and New Testaments.

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Eric Motley, executive vice-president of the Aspen Institute
People Helping People

Eric Motley on the Blessings of Growing Up in a Small Town

Listen as Eric Motley, executive vice-president of the Aspen Institute, shares how his life and career were impacted by the support, encouragement and guidance of the people of his hometown, Madison Park, Alabama.

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Friends having tea
Emotional and Mental Health

The Real Joy of Being Together

No matter its size, our community is the source of true, lasting happiness.

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Gift of time
Friends and Family

Who Can You Bless with Your Time?

It’s the most precious gift you can give someone else. Here are 4 ways you can share it during the holidays.

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Ferdinand the movie
Movies and TV

'Ferdinand' Brings an 80-Year-Old Classic to Life

The new animated film offers an empowering lesson about staying true to yourself. 

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Longtime Guideposts contributor John Sherrill
Stories of Faith

In Fond and Grateful Remembrance: John Sherrill

Executive Editor Rick Hamlin pays tribute to a beloved and inspiring colleague, Guideposts editor and writer John Sherrill.

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Life Advice

The Gift of Listening

When you sit still and pay attention to someone, you help them feel valued and loved.

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Midori Hall
Stories of Hope

Memory of Hope: A Reunion of Long-Lost Friends

Born in a Japanese internment camp, Midori Hall had long had a persistent memory that involved a trio of young boys and a cart full of fruit. But what did the memory mean?

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The Inspiring Story Behind New Film 'I'll Push You'
Stories of Hope for Caregivers

The Inspiring Story Behind New Film 'I'll Push You'

Discover the story of two best friends--one in a wheelchair--who relied on faith to hike Spain's 500-mile El Camino.

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Facebook prayers
How to Pray

My Facebook Prayers

I do appreciate hearing about the reasons people are celebrating and the reasons they need help. They can offer real cause for prayer.

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