Two female friends enjoy a glass of lemonade together on a warm summer evening
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The Benefits of Staying Social as a Senior

Many seniors find themselves leading a more solitary life, but staying social in one's golden years can yield many benefits.

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Emotional and Mental Health

How Being Generous Helps Your Brain

Between hurricanes and earthquakes, the opportunities to be generous with time and money have been plentiful lately. New research offers a surprising reason to give.

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smiling woman stands by the window against a brick wall
Living Longer, Living Better

7 Ways to Shake a Bad Mood Instantly

Anyone can get stuck in a bad mood—but you don't have to stay there! Use these tips to get back on track.

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Three women enjoying a good laugh together
Life Advice

5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Laughter

Everyone loves to laugh. Here's why it's good for you.

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Health and Wellness

Take a Wellness Day

Executive editor Amy Wong talks about how taking some time to yourself can help you recharge.

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Better Living

Another Way of Lightening Up

Emptiness, while by definition a negative, is not always bad.

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