Someone Cares: Cheers!
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Cheers!

She was determined to make New Year's Eve special every year.

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A happy family around the dinner table during the holiday season.
Family Problems

Holiday Gatherings: How to Reduce Family Stress

If you're worried about seeing a friend or relative this holiday season, follow these tips to reduce stress and help ease the tension.

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Peggy's pooches are all dressed up for the holidays

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets

Peggy Frezon shares how pet parents across the U.S. include their furry, finned and feathered family members in their holiday traditions.

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A collection of colorful painted eggs for Easter

10 Easter Eggs from Around the World

Have you ever wondered what Easter eggs look like in other countries? We have a glimpse of the many beautiful designs from around the world.


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Chocolate-covered Cherries

Chocolate-Covered Cherries

These chocolate-covered cherries are a favorite holiday tradition for the Cooley clan.

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Prayer blogger Peola Hicks

A Post-Thanksgiving Prayer

Many people are anxious in this hectic holiday season leading up to Christmas. But there is another option, through prayer.

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Angels Were Near

How did you spend your holidays? I spent mine with family all around me.

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Positive Thinking blogger Amy Wong
Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Tip: Rebalance Your Attitude

Does the holiday hubbub have you feeling stressed out? Here's how to rebalance your positive attitude.

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Singer-songwriter Matthew West

Sounds of Hope: Matthew West and "The Heart of Christmas"

Nashville singer-songwriter Matthew West shares the touching behind-the-scenes stories of his song and the TV movie, both entitled "The Heart of Christmas."

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God's Grace

A Safe Home for the Holidays

The lights of Christmas are so bright, they sometimes make us blind to danger... One woman's dream helped her see.

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