Mary C. Neal, who had a near-death experience
Life After Death

Mary C. Neal Proves There's Life After Death

Watch as this orthopedic surgeon describes her riveting and inspiring near-death experience.

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homemade bread is a symbol of how God's grace works
Devotions for Women

How God's Grace Works

God always gives us what we need to get through any challenge.

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Guideposts staffers singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

A Christmas greeting from all of us at Guideposts!

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Singer-songwriter Matthew West

Sounds of Hope: Matthew West and "The Heart of Christmas"

Nashville singer-songwriter Matthew West shares the touching behind-the-scenes stories of his song and the TV movie, both entitled "The Heart of Christmas."

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How We Met
Life Advice

How We Met

We took to the streets of New York City to find inspiring stories about how people found the loves of their lives.

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Hockey's most inspirational stories

Mike Emrick's Most Inspirational Sports Memories

Watch long-time New Jersey Devils announcer Mike Emrick talk about the most inspiring moments in his career!

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Nia Vardalos shares her positive thinking tip.
Movies and TV

Actress Nia Vardalos Shares the Best Advice She Ever Got

Screenwriter-actress Nia Vardalos talks about the advice she's gotten that she is passing along to her daughter.

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Marge Champion practicing dance in her studio.
Managing Life Changes

Generation Inspiration: Marge Champion

Marge Champion has been dancing in films and on Broadway all her life, and at 91, she is still going strong. Find out the secret to her success.

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Colin Firth (left) and Geoffrey Rush in a scene from The King's Speech

Inspired by 'The King's Speech'

Anne Simpkinson shares her thoughts on this inspiring film and what it tells us about realizing our own potential.

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Running for her coach

Teenage Athlete Crawls to Victory

Holland Reynolds, 16, was determined to win for her dying coach. Even if she had to cross the finish line on her hands and knees.

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