Guideposts: A Bowknot pastry miracle, rolling dough
God's Grace

The Hand of God

Preparing bowknot pastries for a bridal shower, a baker sees a sign from God she just can't ignore!

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Family feet.

Bumps in the Road

Don't worry. God is going to do great things in your life despite the challenges.

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Life after Death, Trudy Harris, Guideposts, Love Beyond Death
Life After Death

A Husband's Love Beyond Death

It was as if her husband had come from heaven on this sad day and left his own, very personal note...

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Rick Hamlin and his wife, Carol, on their wedding day
Power of Prayer

A Bridegroom's Prayer

At our wedding service, we hoped to make clear that Jesus would be at the center of our marriage...

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin and his wife

A Prayer for Our Wives

I think there should be a day we husbands set aside to honor our wives and tell them how grateful we are.

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A reel catch
Answered Prayers

A Reel Inspiring Love Story

This real life love story involves taking a leap of faith, and kissing a fish!

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Senior couple
Managing Life Changes

A Life-Changing Love

I had this funny feeling that something big was about to happen.

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Each Day Counts

How Edward Grinnan and his wife, Julee find love daily in each other.

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Michelle Stewart and her husband, Michael

Faith Reunited Them

How prayer gave this divorced couple a second chance

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