A woman sits at a river's edge holding a pink umbrella preparing for a storm. Prepare for the storms of life with these tips
Managing Life Changes

Be Prepared for Life's Storms

Edie Melson offers 5 tips to prepare for the inevitable storms of life.

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Pool of water. Thinkstock.
Finding Life Purpose

Reflect, Recalibrate, Realign

I need to push myself, kindly and gracefully, to hone my practice of quietness and mindfulness.

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Two friends talking. Photo by Werner Images, Thinkstock.

Two Imperfect Women

Serving the Lord in the middle of lives that aren't neat and tidy

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Drooping daffodil in the snow. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
Emotional and Mental Health

Drooping Daffodils

When the storms of life settle on your shoulders, do you turn to God?

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Stress Free Thinkstock
Emotional and Mental Health

End Stress by Giving Your 'Best Yes'

Sometimes saying "yes" is the worst thing you can do

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Shawnelle and Gabriel
Emotional and Mental Health

Filled by His Word

Drained by fear and worry, a mother is replenished by early morning Scripture.

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A stormy sky.

Always on Guard

How to spiritually prepare for the inevitable storms of life

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Shawnelle's son Grant eating his dinner.

Anxious Questions

I want to live open-handed, releasing my concerns to the capable hands of God.

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