Praise God even when you're tired

Praise God, No Matter What

Whether we are stressed, worried or overwhelmed, God asks us to love Him in the moment.

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Tips for dealing with stress
Life Advice

12 Quick Tips for Keeping Stress in Check

Help for finding inner calm when the chaos of life swirls around you.

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A 5-word prayer that works
How to Pray

A 5-Word Prayer That Always Works

When your life is out of control, these words can express all your helplessness and your hope.

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Truth and positive thinking
Positive Living

Positive Listening: ‘Everything Happens’ Podcast

This series of conversations about life’s challenges embodies the power of authentic positivism.

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A mother in a wheelchair gets a visit from her daughter in a care facility.
Resource Center

How to Shift Your Loved One’s Care to Assisted Living with Less Stress

Preparing yourself for potential stressors and reaching out to support services can help ease the transition.

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A woman sorting out her fridge with healthy foods.
Resource Center

How to Avoid Letting Caregiving Lead to Emotional Eating

Simple steps, like filling your kitchen with healthy snacks or connecting with others, can help you can stop using food to soothe stress

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Finding God's Grace
God's Grace

Finding God in the Darkness

In dark times, we can rekindle our relationship with God—if we choose to.

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Managing emotions
Positive Living

3 Healthy Ways to Manage Emotions

We can’t always turn off our big feelings, but we can develop techniques to prevent them from running our life. 

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Trust or faith in God
Prayer Stories

The Difference Between Faith and Trust in God

How can we learn to truly put our trust in God? 

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