Valentine's Day

Breathe the scent of a loved one to reduce stress
Positive Living

Breathe in Love, Breathe Out Stress

Our sense of smell, new research shows, elicits deeply loving feelings—and lowers our stress levels.

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Love through the eyes of children
Positive Living

Love Through the Eyes of Children

At Valentine's Day, a reminder of love's simplicity, joy and kindness

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Military and Valentine's Day
Military Outreach Stories

When Valentine’s Day Arrived in a Combat Zone

In a place of danger, a box of cards and candy transformed these soldiers’ day.

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Celebrating chocolate
Positive Living

In Celebration of Chocolate

There are so many reasons to take the guilt out of “guilty pleasure.”

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God's love
Stories of Faith

A Love That Never Goes Away

This Valentine’s Day, remember that God's love for us is constant.

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That Wonderful Scent
God's Grace

That Wonderful Scent

Thank heaven love was in the air that day.

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Beautiful red rose and dark chocolate for valentine's day on white wooden platform
Devotions for Women

The Best Valentine's Day Gift

She was going through a divorce and dreading Valentine's Day until an unexpected gesture helped her feel God's love.

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An artist's rendering of three women sharing a Valentine's Day lunch
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Share the Love

A widow's first Valentine's Day alone inspires a delightful new tradition.

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Illustration of cats and dogs dressed warmly

A Woman's Valentine's Day Mission to the Animal Shelter

February 14 was a perfect day to help 14 tender creatures

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A couple celebrating Valentine's Day with a bouquet of roses and gifts,

16 Favorite Love Quotes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an occasion to celebrate love in its many forms—divine, romantic, platonic, familial. We hope these inspiring quotes bring you warmth and joy in the season of love.

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