Valentine's Day

A gold heart pendant
God's Grace

One Last Gift

Her husband had died ten years earlier, but she was suddenly receiving mail with his name on it. Was it for him, or from him?

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Guideposts: Orchid, Change a Destroyed Valentine's Day gift
Positive Living

A Beautiful Ending

A husband helps his wife change a destroyed Valentine's Day gift into something lovely.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

Is True Love a Reason to Break a Vow?

How a former monk and a former nun broke their vows, but kept the faith.

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Positive Thinking

A Valentine to Winter

I'm not a winter person but I'm trying to think positive about it. Here are 10 things I love about the season.

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Valentine Chocolate and Cream

Whip up this decadent chocolate cream-filled treat for your Valentine.

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Hershey's chocolate kisses bouquet
People Helping People

How to Make a Hershey's Kisses Bouquet

Make these special inspiring chocolate roses for someone special this year!

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Creative Love

The Guideposts executive editor shares how he found a unique Valentine's Day gift for his wife.

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A happy Valentine's Day dog with a heart along with a sign that says 'Love You'.

5 Simple Ways Our Pets Show Love

In honor of Valentine's Day, pet expert Peggy Frezon lists the many ways our pets show us they care.

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A Valentine's Day Angel

A Valentine's Day Angel

Could a painful Valentine's memory be resolved by a young earth angel?

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Places You'll Love

Romantic getaways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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