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Adam Hunter on leaving Guideposts
People Helping People

A Fond Farewell to the Guideposts Family

Managing Editor Adam Hunter says goodbye after 13 years at Guideposts.

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The story of Exodus at Passover.
Inspiring Stories

Passover and the Fight for Freedom

On Passover, when Jews celebrate liberation, we remember the fight for freedom continues.

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Cats love people!
Emotional and Mental Health

Does My Cat Like Me?

A new study dispels the myth that cats are unfriendly, writes Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman.

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How coins in a fountain can connect you to something larger.
Inspiring Stories

Can a ‘Wishing Well’ Connect Us With a Higher Power?

Tossing coins in a fountain forms a deeper spiritual connection, writes Mysterious Ways assistant editor Dan Hoffman.

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How a heartbreaking story inspired hope.
God's Grace

How a Heartbreaking Story Inspired Hope

A beautiful gift revealed the power of a true story—one that nearly wasn’t told.

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Being in the wrong place at the right time may have saved a man's life.
Motivational Stories

Wrong Place…Right Time?

Maceo Thomas accidentally walked into the place that would change his life.

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Sleeping and healing.
Coping With Illness

Spiritual Healing After Time in the Hospital

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman never expected his surgery would lead to spiritual growth…

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Mysterious Ways survey reveals how God speaks to us
God's Grace

Survey Reveals How God Speaks to Us

More than 3,000 people shared their Divine conversations with Mysterious Ways magazine.

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How God works in wonderful ways in the everyday world
God's Grace

4 Wonderful Ways that God Pulled Strings

Reminders that good things are happening in the world

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true love couple
Stories of Hope

Ask a True Love Expert

Ever been baffled by love? Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman offers a chance to finally get some answers! 

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