Aging is part of life, but it doesn't have to be discouraging. Embrace aging as a reflection of all the wisdom you've accumulated over the years, and look ahead with excitement and joy.
Retirees hiking together and having fun.
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The Importance of Forming New Friendships in Retirement

Friends can be even more necessary as we grow older, so what better time than retirement to add to your network?

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A woman at her workplace talking to a co-worker.
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Juggling Two Jobs: Your Career and Your Parent’s Care

Opening up to your boss about your workplace needs as a caregiver can help you strike a good balance.

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Friends of all ages
Life Advice

Why It's Healthy to Have Friends of All Ages

Having friends in different stages of life broadens our view of others—and ourselves.

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An older man undergoes walking physical therapy with guidance.
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5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Loved One from Falling

 Alzheimer's and dementia can lead to falls, and potentially serious injuries, but there are ways to keep your loved one safer.

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An older woman grocery shopping on a budget.
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5 Ways to Assist An Older Adult with Budgeting

Cutting back on unnecessary expenses can help protect your loved one from financial harm.

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A young Afro-American woman receiving a spa facial treatment.
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How to Find Time for Yourself as a Dementia Caregiver

Self-care resources offer ways to share your responsibilities and lighten the emotional burden.

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A caregiver communicating with an older loved one.
Advice for Caregivers

9 Tips to Improve Communication with Someone Who Has Dementia

Patience and respect can make things easier on your loved one.

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Sleeping for back health
Living Longer, Living Better

3 Sleeping Positions for a Healthy, Happy Back

Get your best rest while protecting your spine and joints.

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A caregiver woman with a senior man walking in the park.
Resource Center

The Rich Rewards of Volunteering

Helping others has benefits for older adults

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Close up of a woman wearing holidays socks relaxing.
Caregiver Stress

Simple Changes in Your Holiday Routine Can Ease Stress

Follow these tips for caregivers and families to have a more peaceful celebration. 

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