Surprising Spiritual Advice in the Classroom

A teacher shares how a young student helped him do his job—and life—better.

Posted in , Jul 2, 2019

A teacher's advice

Last week I met up with a dozen women I've known for a decade or more. The occasion was to visit with Tom, the man who had taught our children in our Christian homeschool co-op. The kids have grown up and are in high school or college now, and it was fun to chat and catch up.

Tom told hilarious stories about his experiences teaching our offspring. The best was of a young man, Chris—now in graduate school—who was a pupil in Tom's very first year teaching. An eager teacher, at the end of the year Tom asked the kids to give him their feedback on what he could do better.

Chris wrote four words on a pink sticky note and handed it in.

"Less you, more us."

It says a lot about Tom that a decade later he still thinks this is hilariously spot-on. And isn't it a great piece of advice for anyone? It certainly lodged itself in my heart. 

Less me... more thinking of others.

Or put another way:

Less me... more You, Lord.

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