A brother is a friend, a confidante, a partner in mischief, and a lifelong companion on your family's journey.
Oprah Winfrey in the spotlight on stage at the Verizon Center
Finding Life Purpose

How to Get the 'Life You Want'

Oprah Winfrey's national tour is all about connecting to God and finding your purpose

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crosswalk sign with arrow
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: My Chance to Serve

A reader tells us how her good deed was inspired by Mysterious Ways

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An artist's rendering of a trio of a winged angels carrying a baby in a cradle.

Miracle Baby

Little Rose fought for her life while a giant storm rolled across the Texas Panhandle.

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Joel Osteen
Positive Thinking

"See It and Believe It"

One of America’s best-loved pastors shares advice on how to make dreams come true.

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Natalie Gillespie and her family
Blended Families

The Family Tree Becomes a Vine

Familial relationships today are complicated and entangled, but also richly rewarding.

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Assistant Editor Dan Kessel and his brother Mark

The Book That Bonded Two Brothers

The connection between siblings goes beyond a shared childhood, Daniel Kessel reports.

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Baseball Hall of Famer Babe Ruth
Positive Living

Guideposts Classics: Babe Ruth on the Foundation of Faith

In this story from October 1948, legendary baseball star Babe Ruth shares how his religious training impacted his life and career.

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Brad Wilcox in 1978
God's Grace

Message of Love

Their secret code went back to the days when he was a little boy. Now it was all they had.

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Family Grace blogger Shawnelle Eliasen

The Sweetness of Goodbye

There’s a bond between brothers that time and space can’t touch.

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Edward Grinnan, editor-in-chief of Guideposts

When Dying Is Taboo

Suicide is the loss of love, maybe even the failure of love.

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