Prayer for an Attraction

What is your attraction to Jesus?  Take the time during this season of Lent to identify it and pursue it. 

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Lent is upon us. It seems to have come so quickly. We were just celebrating the New Year and now we are on our way to Good Friday.  

February 22, 2012 began the season of Lent. Lent is the 40 days that we celebrate each year (minus Sundays) that represent the suffering of Jesus and the sacrifice that He made for all of us. Going to the cross was a sacrifice. We are constantly asked, so what are you going to give up for Lent. Although, it is nice to give up something, I really want what I give up to make a difference in my life. I really want to gain something. What I want more than anything is a lifestyle change. Another way to say it is I want to look at the life of Jesus and see what it is that caused me to want to follow Him. What is the attraction? Was it His compassion, was it His love for children, was it His care for a single father who had a sick daughter, was it His desire to do the will of His Father above all else? What is it?

I am reading a book written many years ago by Philip Yancey called The Jesus I Never Knew and one of the chapters wrestles with this subject and asks “What was it about Jesus that caused John, Peter and Andrew who worked as partners on fishing boats to abandon their business and follow Him?”

What attracted me to Jesus and continues to hold my interest is the fact that He trusts others to help Him accomplish His purpose on earth. Jesus did not try to do everything by himself…He called the twelve and in fact He has called me and given me gifts so that I can influence others. He believes in me and my capabilities and that is why He always ask me to do something for Him. I am not necessarily looking to give up anything, but I want to gain more of Jesus. More love, more power, more compassion, more confidence in using my gift so that my life reflects more of His.

What is your attraction to Jesus? Perhaps, you could take the time during this season to identify it and pursue it. That is what Lent means to me. You can pray and ask God to show you what attracts you to Jesus. This is how relationships stay strong. The disciples were ordinary and that is who Jesus chose. Ordinary people …this gives me hope. He surrounded himself with ordinary people. They misunderstood him, failed to exercise much spiritual power, and sometimes behaved like they had no faith. Yet, He seemed to prefer working with them over the elite.  From such a motley crew, Jesus founded a church that has not stopped growing in nineteen centuries.

As you ponder these thoughts, I pray that you will be able to identify your attraction that will keep your relationship strong.

God Bless You!
Rev. Dr. Peola C. Hicks

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