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Pray for Others

Please pray for Mark W for physical and emotional healing and a permanent full-time job! Also, for many years his ex-wife has demanded a lot of money from him and done evil things to him and turned their four children against him many times. Please pray that God has mercy on Mark and gives him protection from his ex-wife and good health and spiritual maturity and that he is able to have reconciliation and good relationships with his four children!
Thank you!

I wish to thank God for His goodness and mercy. My daughter's school fees for this term is paid in full, glory to God. Praying that we shall be able to pay the debt. Pray for a good term for my children in Jesus name.

I've suffered from severe depression for many years and need a lot of help from God every day. Also, I can only work part-time and have a manager and a co-worker who are giving me big problems that affect me greatly. Please pray for complete healing and that God restores to me the years that I have lost due to being so sick for so long and gives me physical strength and spiritual maturity and blessings at work and that I'm able to work full-time and don't get fired!
Thank you!
Leonela C