Short Devotions: Lifting Up the Name of the Lord

A short and simple strategy for children—and everyone—to embrace when faced with those who take the Lord's name in vain.

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I live in New York City. Walk down any street here and you’re bound to hear a fair amount of foul language.

There are parts of town where the entire stock of adjectives seems limited to a single word that begins with the letter F. And there’s a large group of folks whose sole knowledge of Jesus appears to be how to use his name as a curse word.

I have kids. We travel through the city, and they overhear how people talk. So this is what I’ve told them: When someone uses the name of Christ in vain, it’s like throwing it down in the gutter. It's in your power to pick it up again. You do that by whispering, “Blessed be the name of Jesus.”

Simple. Short. Done. Praised. Devoted.

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