At the Bow of the Boat

A dog with the right idea about how to approach life

Posted in , Oct 15, 2014

Sadie at the bow of the boat, video image courtesy of Jeff Dauler

If you need a break from work, the hectic pace, the morning rush, the errands/shopping/meetings, then you’ve got to check out this dog. She’s got the right idea.

Video courtesy of Jeff Dauler

There’s something simple and beautiful about this video. Sadie doesn’t linger in the back of the boat but gets right up front, paws on the bow.

The wind whips her little ears in blithe circles. As the boat skims smoothly across the still lake, the sky darkens and a gentle sunset unfolds. It’s a wonderful ride, and Sadie’s loving it!

I’d like to live more like Sadie–meeting whatever comes my way, boldly positioned right up front, face to the wind.

There’s an old Peter, Paul and Mary song that begins, “With your face to the wind, I see you smilin' again, Spirit's movin' within...” What’s more, Sadie looks completely relaxed, happy to be right where she is.

Rest and relaxation doesn’t always come naturally to us. If we rest, we might forget all the things we’re worrying about! Maybe we’d even have to let go of some of that control. To fully rest, we have to cast all our cares upon God and trust him with the outcome.

So today, I’m taking a tip from Sadie. I’m going to go outside and walk my dogs and marvel at the beauty of the changing autumn colors.

Then, when I come back inside, I might just ignore my computer for a little while, put my feet up, close my eyes and picture myself at the bow of a boat without a care in the world.

Won’t you join me?

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