Visitations of Christ

These various present-day encounters with Jesus Christ changed their lives.

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Not long ago I got a letter from a woman who said she had always loved angels, always felt the angels hovering around her, surrounding her with love. But recently it was not angels but Jesus. She said that the presence of Christ felt entirely different, although she could not describe the sensation or difference. I sympathize.
Once Christ came to me. I had been praying with all my heart to see Him, to have a true relationship. It was Easter Sunday when I looked out the picture window of my little house and saw Jesus walking toward me across the lawn. He was dressed in a long white robe and sandals, and had a beard, just as in the pictures. He walked toward me, and he was shining with a joyous luminence.

I saw that He saw I saw Him. He smiled. I don't remember if He slowly faded or vanished suddenly, but one moment He was there and the next gone, and I went back to my book, thinking, That was Jesus Christ.
What's interesting: I didn't fall to my knees in worship, or change my life—I just went on. But with a happy heart.
Another time I saw a ragged, long-haired hippie walking up my street in Washington. He was barefoot, and carrying a backpack. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I crossed the street to catch up to him and as I passed, I offered him some money. 

He waved it away.
“I don't need it," he said, or "No, thank you." I remember only that he spoke. And then he passed on. I opened the door to my house, but I was quivering. Was he an angel? In my heart I thought, "I've just seen Christ."

In a strange way, this encounter was more compelling than the vision on that Easter Sunday. To this day I wonder about it. What happened? Why was I so moved by this young man? Was it my imagination?

I wish I had more stories of present-day encounters with Jesus Christ. I wish I knew what usually happens and whether those to whom He comes are changed.

If you’ve encountered Christ, please comment below.


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