A Mysterious Ways Mea Culpa

Want to get new stories of inexplicable true miracles every week? Here's how.

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I have to apologize, Mysterious Ways fans. I’ve let you down by not writing in this space every week as I should. It’s not that there haven’t been inexplicable stories of God’s grace in the news—it’s because I’ve been quite involved in the creation of a new Guideposts product I’m very excited about.

What exactly is it? Well, I don’t think I can spill the beans quite yet. But if you sign up for our Mysterious Ways newsletter, you’ll be among the first to hear about it. You’ll also receive a brand new Mysterious Ways story in your email inbox every week, guaranteed. No junk—just real life stories about the wonderful and unexpected ways in which an unseen hand reaches out to comfort, protect and inspire us.

This week's newsletter story comes from our very own editor-in-chief, Edward Grinnan. He writes about a mysterious light that came to him in the midst of a very dark time in his life.

Many of my friends and family members have asked how they can receive the newsletter. Just click the link below to sign up and also receive a free Mysterious Ways e-book.

Mysterious Ways: 9 Inspiring Stories Revealing God’s Love and God’s Grace

And please, keep sending in your true stories to mw@guideposts.org. We always love to hear about the miracles and wonders that you have experienced.

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