Wrong Place, Right Time

He wanted a job as a paramedic again, but pizza delivery would have to do for now...

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One thing I’ve realized these past few years editing Mysterious Ways is how often people believe they’re in the wrong place—until God shows them they’re actually in the right one.

Take, for instance, the news story I read today, about Christopher Wuebben, a 22-year-old delivering pizza in Colorado.

At least that’s where Chris found himself. Until recently, Chris was a paramedic, even serving a tour as an EMT in Iraq. But when he got back home to Illinois, he found he’d been laid off from his paramedic job. He couldn’t find work. He soon moved to Colorado to better his prospects, but the only job he could get was at Johnny’s New York Pizza.

According to Denver’s Channel 7 News, Chris was delivering a pizza late last week to a home in Lakewood, Colorado when he heard a woman screaming for help.

Chris knocked on the door, and a panicked woman, Kami Linn, answered. Her husband, George, had recently come home from a stay in the hospital for a heart condition. She and her two boys were with him, waiting for the pizza when George suddenly collapsed. A heart attack.

Kami had dialed 911, but there was no time to waste. "I am a paramedic,” Chris told her.

He performed CPR on George and brought him back to life before the fire department showed up.

"The pizza guy saved his life," Kami told Channel 7. "Every doctor and nurse has told me that."

Now Chris isn’t having any problems finding a paramedic job. A local hospital and a fire department have called him after hearing about his heroics.

What may have seemed like the wrong place, wrong job, turned out to be just where Chris needed to be.

Have you ever been in the wrong place—at just the right time? Share your story with us at mw@guideposts.org.

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