All Creatures –The Animals Who Share our Lives

Top All Creatures Magazine Features

  • 6 issues (1 full year) packed with inspiring stories about all of God’s creatures and their remarkable impact on our lives
  • Heartwarming accounts of companionship provided by cats, dogs, horses, and other surprising animals
  • Inspiring true stories from people just like you and the amazing animals who have impacted them
  • Tips on how to best care for pets and the surprising ways pets care for us in return
All Creatures –The Animals Who Share our Lives


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from cover-to-cover. Your story selections were awesome."

"All Creatures is excellent. What a wonderful magazine you have created."

Magazine Description

All Creatures is an amazing, one-of-a-kind magazine from Guideposts filled with stories that explore the special bond that exists between animals and people.... stories of lifelong friendships, stories of healing and hope and adventure, stories that celebrate the amazing dogs, cats, and other animals who share our lives.

Daily Encouragement…

Begin and end each day with a smile and a fond memory with each unique story in All Creatures.   When you read the stories in All Creatures and reflect on the love, courage, and joy they contain you'll find yourself thinking ... "My dog did that... I remember when my cat..." With All Creatures you’ll be reminded of the amazing impact animals have on us with their love, playful energy, and unconditional friendship.