Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter
Emotional and Mental Health

Forget About Friggatriskaidekaphobia, Fear of Friday the 13th

Afraid of Friday the 13th? You shouldn't be. It's a day that has its blessings...

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Angels Sang Away Her Fear

Blogger Sophy Burnham shares the story of angelic sounds that brought one woman peace after her mother’s passing.

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Prayer Stories

Pray When You Hear a Siren

“There’s a fire!” Not more than twenty feet away, flames were spewing out the window of the apartment building next door, shattering glass with heat.

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Positive Thinking

Walk Through Your Fear

Dogs can have strange fears. My dog faced one of hers and taught me something in the process.

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Motivational Stories

Overcoming Fears that Limit Us

The fitness professional shares how you can let your fears motivate you.

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The Guideposts senior editor shares how a family moment made him think of the unknown.

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Stories of Faith

Fear Not

The Guideposts executive editor explains on how to have faith in tough times.

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How the Guideposts editor-in-chief uses encouragement and the experiences of others to overcome fear.

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