A senior woman looking out of a window; Getty Images
Advice for Caregivers

7 Tips to Keep Your Loved One Cool Indoors This Summer

When the sun’s beating down, older adults are at increased risk for heat-related problems—even at home.

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Herb bouquet
Positive Living

How to Make an Edible Bouquet from Your Herb Garden

Beautiful, fragrant and delicious, this herbal arrangement is so much more than decor.

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Relaxing at home
Positive Living

4 Ways Your Home Can Bring More Peace and Happiness

Research connects feelings of safety and rest at home with lower levels of stress hormones when out in the world.

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Protecting your back in the garden
Health and Wellness

How to Protect Your Back from Injury in the Garden

Tending to your patio pots or garden beds shouldn’t hurt. Grow healthy habits with these tips.

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Holding on to healthy habits
Positive Living

Post Pandemic: 4 Ways to Make Your New Healthy Habits Stick

Take those positive routines you forged over the past year and keep them going as you move forward.

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Trimming your herb plants

How to Prune Herb Plants to Feed You All Summer Long

Fresh herbs are a summer joy. Keep yours busy and bushy all season long with these easy techniques.

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A woman puts freshly cleaned sheets on her bed
Health and Wellness

Easy Ways to Keep Your Bedding Fresh and Clean

From a cleaning schedule to the right materials for your sleep style, simple habits can transform your bed into the restful sanctuary of your dreams. 

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Nickels; Illustration by Richard Mia
God's Grace

How Nickels Became Divine Signs from Above

Her home was destroyed by the California Camp Fire. Could she rebuild her life?

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A place to pray
How to Pray

Why You Should Find a Regular Place to Pray

Just as you may have consistent daily prayer time, a chosen spot can help as well.

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Skin care tips for spring
Living Longer, Living Better

Easy Ways to Care for Your Skin in Springtime

Spring is a transition season for your skin. Be prepared to refresh and renew yours with these easy tips.

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