Festive table with food and drinks on it
Daily Devotions

Celebrate Little Easters

Discover why some choose not to fast but to feast on Sundays during Lent.

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Power of Prayer

The Power of Humility

Lent is a good time to remember that humble acts—not strength or power—inspire true greatness.

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Church of the Flagellation, the first of the Stations of the Cross

Walking the Stations of the Cross

Take a virtual trip down Jesus' path of sorrow with these photos from the Holy Land of the 14 Stations of the Cross.

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A crucifix resting on a Bible open to Matthew 6:9-13
Daily Devotions

Pray as Jesus Prayed

Click here for the daily devotion for February 17, 2018

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Woman with outstretched arms soaks up sun in spring meadow
Daily Devotions

Soak Up Jesus’ Love

Click here for the daily devotion for February 12, 2018

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Beauty in bleak winter
Stories of Hope

Finding Beauty in Bleak Mid-Winter

In the middle of a gloomy landscape, keep your eyes open for a moment of unexpected wonder.

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Three wise men
Faith and Prayer

Did Gift Wrapping Start with the Wise Men?

During Epiphany, we remember that the three wise men were the season’s first gift givers. 

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Jesus in the Nativity scene

Don’t Lose Jesus!

The most important part of a family’s 30-year-old Nativity scene is well guarded.

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Making Christmas spiritual
God's Grace

Making Christmas a Spiritual Experience

When we approach Christmas in the spirit of humility and with gratitude for Jesus, we celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

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Decorating the house for Advent
Power of Prayer

Decorate Your House for Advent

Bringing light to darkness and preparing ourselves for Jesus’ coming

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