From Day One, Nadja welcomed me with open arms, Mary says.
Family Problems

Could She Share a Home with Her Mother-in-Law?

She had four kids and a husband. How could she also manage her sweet but intrusive mother-in-law?

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Love, Renewed: A Marriage Strengthened by Strife
Stories of Hope for Caregivers

Love, Renewed: A Marriage Strengthened by Strife

She thought her husband's retirement would bring them closer together than ever, but his traumatic brain injury was a challenge she never expected.

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choose love over fear
Positive Living

How to Choose Love Over Fear

Learn to master your ego in this excerpt from author Melissa Ambrosini's new book Mastering Your Mean Girl.

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Benjamin Peck and Chelsea Peck of the Christian Folk Duo Mr. & Mrs. Something
Movies and TV

A Christian Folk Duo's Blending Love, Faith & Music

Benjamin "Bino" Peck and Chelsea Lindstrom share how faith and music sparked their own love story. 

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Guideposts: Saint Valentine, as depicted in stained glass in the Basilica of St. Valentine in Terni, Italy
Finding Life Purpose

7 Things You May Not Know About St. Valentine

How much do you know about St. Valentine, the man who inspired Valentine's Day? Discover a few surprising facts about this saint.

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A hand releases a dove representing how to forgive when a loved one leaves, The Power of Forgivenss
Friends and Family

How to Forgive When a Loved One Leaves

When loved ones leave, the impact can be devastating. Here are 3 steps to healing your heart.

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Guideposts: Nicole Woessner and her future husband, Rob, during a long ago Easter egg hunt
Friends and Family

Soulmates: Couples Who Were Meant to Be

Check out some amazing stories of couples who were brought together through the unlikeliest of circumstances.

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Famous Love Letters of History
Life Advice

Famous Love Letters

From country legend Johnny Cash to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford to the Queen of England herself, here are a few famous love letters that prove pen and paper are the best way to express feelings. 

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3 Easy Ways to Fall in Love with Your Spouse Again | Guideposts

3 Easy Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Spouse

Relationship expert and licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Tara Fields shares tips on how to reconnect with your spouse today.

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